Taxand Greece investigates new administrative guidelines on the VAT exemption of goods placed in free zones.


On 3 March 2016, the Greek Ministry of Finance published new guidelines in relation to the VAT exemption of goods placed in Free Zones and the formalities to be fulfilled for the respective purposes.


More specifically, as clarified through the above guidelines, the relevant VAT exemption covers:


  • The placement of non-EU goods in a Free Zone
  • The local supply of goods that are intended for placement in such Zone
  • The supply of goods within the Free Zone and (iv) the supply of certain services (such as conservation, reconstruction of the goods after transport, etc.) to goods that are placed and supplied in the Free Zone

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Taxand's Take

In all the aforementioned cases, VAT becomes due upon exit of the goods from the Free Zone, to the extent such goods are being released for free circulation in Greece. On the other hand, no VAT will be due in case of export or intra-Community supply of the goods.

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