About Us

About Us

We do tax, and only tax. No audit or attest issues. That's why we can focus entirely on advising and supporting you to adopt best practices, become more cost-efficient and reduce the burden that tax issues bring.

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Taxand at a glance

We are the worlds largest independent tax organisation with more than 550 tax partners and over 2,500 tax advisors in 50 countries.

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Stronger in partnership

We’re passionate about working together. We’re committed to applying our shared knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure the best result, as we understand the link between tax efficiency and business success.

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One organisation of member firms

With a handpicked, dedicated firm delivering tax advice in each of the countries we serve, it’s easier than ever to access first-class tax advice globally. Our approach is personal; our focus is global.

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People are at the heart of the organisation

Every Taxander contributes a wealth of tax expertise, commercial acumen and keen analytical insight. You can trust in their passion to advise and support you, at every stage.

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Truly global

We don’t just go above and beyond. We go across borders. Working across continents and all areas of tax means we can advise you whatever your tax issues are and whenever they arise.


Thinking strategically

Taxand has evolved into an integrated worldwide organisation of leading experts with complementary skills and experience. Count on us to anticipate and advise on the tax implications associated with your strategic business decisions.