The question of employment status continues to concern many employers working within today’s ‘gig economy’. In a significant new decision, the High Court has delivered some useful insights for employers when it comes to correctly categorising staff as employees employed under contracts of service or independent contractors engaged under contracts for service.


“Gig economy” is a term used to describe the increasingly popular model of meeting supply and demand for short-term work with payment-by-task solutions. The correct employment status of those providing such solutions has been the focus of a number of cases before the UK courts involving companies like Uber and Deliveroo. In Karshan (Midlands) Limited (t/a Dominos Pizza) v Revenue Commissioners [2019] IEHC 894 the issue came before the Irish courts for the first time.


Discover more: Ireland: High Court delivers first judgement on employment status in the ‘gig economy’


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