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This Project produced a Tax Complexity Index across 69 participating countries which is now available to view.


The 2020 Global Multinational Corporation Tax Complexity Project produces a Tax Complexity Index which measures and compares the complexity of a country’s corporate income tax system as faced by multinational corporations.  

The index ranges from zero, meaning not complex, to one, that is extremely complex. On the website you can hover over countries on the map to check the index and ranking of each participating country. Additionally, you are able to create your own Tax Complexity Indexes by varying the effect each individual sub-heading has on the overall result. 


Taxand is proud to have contributed to this Project spearheaded by Caren Sureth-Sloane, a professor at LMU Munich and Deborah Schanz, a professor at Paderborn University.  


View the Project here: 2020 Global Multinational Corporation Tax Complexity Project 

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