International tax

International tax

Taxanders work together to ensure your global tax structure is commercially aligned with your corporate strategy. Drawing on our combined experience, we develop sophisticated, practical advice for managing your global tax risks—helping you realise tax efficiencies and meet legislative requirements.

Covering all the issues

Taxand addresses every facet of international tax from planning and reporting to compliance and implementation. By ensuring alignment with your corporate strategy, we see to it that your tax decisions actively—and proactively—enable the achievement of your key business objectives.

Working effectively with regulations and regulators

When you require domestic advice to support your multi-territorial plans, our local expertise helps you operate effectively within national regulatory environments and maintain solid relationships with local tax authorities.



We deliver a range of international tax services with a global focus:

  • Understanding and managing the tax consequences of cross-border transactions
  • Considering organisational (re)structuring options in full awareness of the tax implications
  • Realising tax, supply chain and overall operational efficiencies
  • Developing tax-related risk management and pricing strategies
  • Interpreting technical tax provisions
  • Lowering effective tax rates
  • Addressing and preventing tax leakages
  • Ensuring tax compliance
  • Managing relationships with tax authorities

Taxand's worldwide international tax team of seasoned professionals brings the benefit of extensive knowledge experience across nearly 50 countries.

We work in close cooperation with Taxanders globally, as well as legal advisors, to possess the full picture to optimise your business performance and improve your bottom line.

Discover how Taxand can deliver your international tax advantage.

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The annual Taxand Global Conference is designed to present topical international tax issues to multinationals and offer networking opportunities with Taxanders and peers from around the world. In addition, Taxand regularly contributes to industry conferences, seminars, webinars, workshops and networking events run by third parties.

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