Join us for an afternoon conference at Withers KhattarWong, Taxand Singapore.


Tax regimes in Asia continue to evolve and present interesting challenges to businesses and investors. This conference will focus on tax developments and trends in Indonesia, China, India, Malaysia and the Philippines and key cross-border tax issues when doing business in the region.


Join us for an afternoon conference on 4 October 2018 as we discuss the nuances and practical application of tax treaties in Asia and globally, as well as transfer pricing trends and the cross border implications of the BEPs-era. Concurrent with evolving tax regimes are evolving technological advancements. This conference will also present an introduction to the regulatory and tax issues relating to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.




Understanding the nuances and practical application of tax treaties

Countries enter into bilateral income tax treaties to mitigate or eliminate the counter-productive effects of international double taxation. Although such tax treaties are founded on common principles, countries implement tax treaties differently. In this panel, China, Indonesia and India tax experts contribute their insights and practical experience in their respective jurisdictions, and the benefits and challenges faced by investors from Singapore and globally when relying on tax treaties in the region.


Panelists: Kevin Wang (Hendersen, Taxand China); Aristo Tjahyadi (PB Taxand, Taxand Indonesia); Mahesh Kumar (Withers KhattarWong). Moderated by Chua Yee Hoong (Withers KhattarWong, Taxand Singapore)


  • Transfer pricing trends and cross-border implications of the BEPs-era
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Speakers include: Permana Adi Saputra (PB Taxand, Taxand Indonesia); Grace Molina (Salvador Llanillo & Bernardo, Taxand Philippines); Mui Lee Leow (Axcelasia, Taxand Malaysia); Joanna Yap (Withers KhattarWong, Taxand Singapore)


  • An introduction to cryptocurrencies and blockchain and their tax and regulatory issues

Details to be announced

Speaker: Stephen Banfield (Withers KhattarWong)


This event is invitation only.