On 21 March 2020, the Luxembourg parliament passed the law implement DAC6. With less than 4 months until the mandatory disclosure regime (MDR) enters into force, intermediaries and taxpayers have to urgently prepare for the new reporting obligations in order to mitigate the risk of penalties. As the MDR applies with retroactive effect, cross-border arrangements implemented since 25 June 2018 have to be reviewed “now”.


The MDR introduces some vague definitions and concepts that can, at times, make it difficult for practitioners to determine as to whether or not a specific cross-border arrangement is reportable. Therefore, it is crucial to develop a clear understanding of the hallmarks and the main benefit test (MBT).


This webinar aims at providing participants with up to date content considering the latest developments in Luxembourg (opinion of the State Council, final DAC6 law, blacklisting of Cayman Islands by the EU, etc) and clear guidance on how to “move towards DAC6 readiness”.


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