Key pointers from the conference

  1. Regularly review your tax strategy – you need to be more agile and flexible to maximise value
  2. Plan for changes to PE rules worldwide and VAT “establishment rules” in Europe
  3. Tax planning needs real substance – be ready to invest time and effort and be prepared to go into battle for tax planning to succeed
  4. Be transparent about your tax planning to avoid corporate reputational issues in the face of increasing public interest
  5. Prepare for compliance and regulatory burden to continue to grow by keeping abreast of change
  6. Remember that business operations come first and tax strategies implemented must align with your strategic objectives
  7. Consider how to effectively maximise cash repatriation and balance your bottom line
  8. Ensure your accounting systems can cope with supply chain planning to maximise VAT cash flow, customs management and compensation plans to avoid leakage, increase profitability and competitiveness
  9. Consider working with the tax authorities to reach agreements and minimise extended audits in line with the new OECD recommendations
  10. Emerging markets hold many investment and expansion opportunities but remember to review your deal structures, taxation of sale, seller’s conditions and valuation issues carefully before proceeding

Taxand’s Take

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At our Taxand Global Conference 2012 we shared case studies and personal experiences to help clients picture how to apply Taxand’s expertise to your businesses. Over 100 pre-booked bespoke client meetings were arranged throughout the conference to discuss specific advisory areas and jurisdictions of interest. Client feedback from the event has been excellent with many quoting the Taxand Global Conference 2012 as the best yet! View our Client Talk Film here to see what clients were saying at the event.