Key pointers from the conference

  1. regularly review your tax strategy to accommodate fluctuating tax rates
  2. proving substance has to be your go forward mantra to combat increased legislation and anti-avoidance enforcement
  3. consider the protection of your corporate reputation as a subset of tax risk and bring PR competency into your tax team to cope with “moralising” public and media
  4. avoid common pitfalls at the outset of any international tax structuring project; share knowledge and use “what if” planning to prepare too
  5. consider appointing a Project Practice Director to minimise risk and “unknown unknowns”
  6. spend some time thinking about how your tax strategies can be more aligned with your company’s strategic direction; the time is now
  7. work on your relationships with tax authorities — collaboration is key
  8. as part of your M&A strategic planning consider tax implications before making any moves: global acquisition means global tax structuring
  9. carefully review your Holdco management and control infrastructures to demonstrate substance
  10. embrace technological solutions to deal with increased scrutiny