Indirect tax

Indirect tax

Indirect taxes such as VAT and GST have a huge impact on your business. With the introduction of consumption based taxes around the world and fluctuating VAT rates to plug ever growing budget deficits, keeping abreast of legislative change to ensure compliance is key. Our indirect tax consultants help you plan strategically to reduce your indirect tax costs by developing efficient indirect tax structures, preventing leakage and averting the damage that can be caused by non-compliance.

Understanding your needs

Managing indirect taxes effectively requires deep knowledge of your business model, internal organisation and supply chain—and of the industry in which you operate. Our senior team of indirect tax experts establishes this understanding of your business and works with your own internal tax department to choose the best technical route for you.

Enhancing your business

Our understanding of local regulations and their cross-border implications ensures you become more proactive through well informed decisions that help boost your profitability and minimise the risk of non-compliance. Taxand’s indirect tax experts give more than advice: we stand by you and assist with implementation to ensure you get the best results from our engagement.

We deliver a range of indirect tax related services with a global focus:

  • indirect tax consulting and guidance on specific transactions as well as on major projects
  • VAT compliance and fiscal representation (more)
  • indirect tax reviews and planning
  • indirect tax configuration in ERP systems
  • refund applications: VAT and multi-state sales and use tax
  • customs planning
  • due diligence
  • liaison with tax authorities
  • assistance and support during tax audits and litigation
  • tailored staff training

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Taxand’s global team of seasoned indirect tax professionals brings you the benefit of extensive knowledge and experience in nearly 50 countries.

We work in close cooperation with colleagues in other areas of taxation as well as legal advisors to possess the full picture and maximise your business performance.

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Looking beyond the numbers

We understand supply chain processes, accounting practices and VAT rules as well as how to correctly file VAT and Intrastat returns and properly report transactions. This blend of expertise means we go beyond number crunching to ensure compliance, spot opportunities and identify risks. By including fiscal representation capability and interim VAT management resources too, we deliver a full service, meeting all of your obligations.

Latest software and bespoke

We use the latest automation software to meet your VAT compliance requirements and avert the risk of penalties. A series of bespoke sense-checks cross-referencing returns against your VAT position and transaction-based checks to identify potential errors, provide a different, added value service.

VAT compliance services

We deliver a range of VAT Compliance services: single country, pan-European or globally; co-sourced; outsourced or in-sourced:

  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns, ESL listing and Intrastat returns
  • Sense-checks and transaction-related checks
  • VAT registrations
  • Pre VAT audit reviews
  • VAT transactions, tax codes and invoice reviews
  • Preparation and filing of VAT refund claims
  • Fiscal representation in all relevant countries
  • Assisting with administrative obligations
  • Interim VAT management resources


Global VAT compliance team

Taxand's Global VAT Compliance team combines advisory expertise with full compliance know-how to deliver VAT Compliance services worldwide.



The Taxand global indirect tax service line hosts bespoke client seminars designed to present topical indirect tax issues to clients and to offer networking opportunities with Taxanders and peers around the world. In addition, Taxand regularly contributes to industry conferences, webinars, workshops and networking events run by third parties.

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