About Us

About Us

Taxand provides high quality, integrated tax advice worldwide. Our tax professionals – more than 400 tax partners and over 2,000 tax advisors in over 40 countries – grasp both the fine points of tax and the broader strategic implications, helping you mitigate risk, manage your tax burden and drive the performance of your business. 

Combining an entrepreneurial attitude with a collaborative spirit, Taxand is made up of experienced and accomplished Taxanders, all united by a common purpose under a common brand. Our approach is personal; our focus is global.

We're passionate about tax. We collaborate and share knowledge, capitalising on our expertise to provide you with high quality, tailored advice that helps relieve the pressures associated with making complex tax decisions. 

We're also independent—ensuring that you adhere both to best practice and tax law, and that we remain free from time-consuming audit-based conflict checks. This enables us to deliver practical advice, responsively. 

Taxand Chairman

Frédéric Donnedieu de Vabres
T. +33 1 70 38 88 01
E. frederic.donnedieu@arsene-taxand.com

Taxand Global Managing Director

Tim Wach
T. + 1 905 916 1911
E. twach@taxand.com

Other Board members

Xaver Ditz
T. +49 228 95 94-227 /-251
E. xaver.ditz@fgs.de

Mukesh Butani
T. +91 124 339 5010
E. mukesh.butani@bmradvisors.com

Martin Phelan
T. +353 1 639 5138
E. martin.phelan@williamfry.ie

Keith O'Donnell
T. +352 26 940 257
E. keith.odonnell@atoz.lu  

Veerinderjeet Singh
T. +603 20 32 27 99
E. vs@taxand.com.my

Marc Sanders
T. +31 20 435 6400
E. marc.sanders@taxand.nl

Bernard Du Plessis
T. +27 21 410 2500
E. bduplessis@ENSafrica.com

Ricardo Gomez
T. +34 91 514 52 00
E. ricardo.gomez@garrigues.com

Ernesto R. Perez
T. +1 305 704 6720
E. eperez@alvarezandmarsal.com

The Taxand global team works closely with the Board and other Taxand executive teams, focusing on global business development and marketing activities:

Katherine Hollis
E. khollis@taxand.com

Rebecca Mallett
E. rmallett@taxand.com

Sona Badiani
E. sbadiani@taxand.com

Emma Liu
E. eliu@taxand.com


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Taxand Timeline

Taxand Timeline

Taxand was founded in 2005. Scroll through our Taxand Timeline to discover key milestones in Taxand’s development.