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Taxand PERE 2011 Global Guide to Tax

Taxand PERE 2011 Global Guide to Tax
2 Nov 2011

Taxand PERE 2011 Global Guide to Tax (PDF)

An electronic copy of the guide rather than a pdf can be viewed here.

Since last year the stakes have risen. While proper tax strategy has always been important, the current investment and political environment places an even finer point on tax planning. When returns come down, every incremental basis point is a big win and possibly a game-changing competitive advantage. 

So when better to produce a guide that is designed to help think about your own strategy and improve your game on an ongoing basis?

Discover our analysis of macro trends as well as local tax issues. Find out what will be challenging you this year. The 2011 Guide to Tax for private equity - published by PERE & Taxand - is now available and covers:

  • Table talk on taxes – roundtable discussion on macro tax trends worldwide
  • The big tax take – Taxand T3 research comparing real-estate tax-takes worldwide with 2009 results
  • Dealing with Distress – understanding the European real estate market to capitalise on distressed situations
  • Offshore Tax in Choppy Waters – impact of recent changes in tax law on fund investment strategies
  • Proceed with Great Carry – new taxes on carried interest and increase in capital gains tax rates
  • A Taxand tour of the World – country updates from 18 key tax markets

Taxand's global real estate tax team brings together specialists who provide cross-border tax advice from nearly 50 countries to make sure your investments and divestments in property achieve the best possible after tax performance. 

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Taxand's Take

In real estate, where tax-takes are even higher, the difference between winning and losing can often be shaped by tax strategy. With possibly challenging tax regimes and changes to tax law tax planning is more than ever a crucial strategy for real estate investment firms. If you're looking to invest in real estate, make sure you improve your game and do your tax homework ahead of time, choose your real estate locations with care and seek professional tax advice to maximise your investment.

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