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Taxand Global Guide to Tax for Sportspeople 2010

Taxand Global Guide to Tax for Sportspeople 2010
5 Jun 2010

Taxand’s Global Guide to Tax for Sportspeople provides an overview of the key implications of personal income taxation on sportspeople in 17 countries, from residence rules to image rights licensing.

Sportspeople across the world face significant discrepancies in income, potentially worth millions, depending on where they are resident, due to the varying tax regimes imposed in different countries. Choosing a particular team or location can be a difficult decision. Beyond emotive or personal preferences, financial packages are all important. As tax rates differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, a net salary earned in one country could look a lot smaller in another – the resulting impact on personal tax income is potentially worth millions.

Taxand’s Global Guide to Tax for Sportspeople is designed to help sportspeople and their agents or advisors consider tax as a tool to aid decision-making.

Taxand's Take

The study shows the importance of considering tax legislation as players can end up earning a substantially different net amount depending on the tax regime of the country where they play. When receiving transfer offers from different clubs, players need to consider more than the base figures written on the contract.

Use this guide as a reference tool to get you started. Then consider seeking advice to apply the most tax-efficient strategy to suit your sports career.

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