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Taxand Global Guide to R&D Tax Incentives 2009

Taxand Global Guide to R&D Tax Incentives 2009
6 Jan 2010
Taxand has designed an essential desk top “ready reference” guide, covering over 40 countries, to assist executives faced with considering the tax impact of locating, expanding or closing R&D facilities across the world.

While economies worldwide are struggling through a downturn, many businesses are continuing to invest significantly in research and development. These businesses realise that cutting R&D budgets can limit future growth. Looking outside your home country can often lead to both highly qualified and less expensive labour as well as specific jurisdictional tax incentives such as R&D credits, deduction incentives and grants.

Taxand's Take

Taxand recommends you consider tax incentives as well as all the business issues you face when deciding where to locate your R&D operations and invest your R&D budget. Choosing a location which is the most tax efficient to suit your needs can yield significant savings.


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