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Taxand Americas Guide to Transfer Pricing 2013

Taxand Americas Guide to Transfer Pricing 2013
Nowhere has transfer pricing regulation complexity increased further in recent years than in the Americas, as companies continue to investigate more cost effective operational footprints.

With the global economy continuing to put pressure on existing transfer pricing models, multinationals are looking for ways to improve their corporate structures to achieve efficiencies. Keeping up with ever-changing transfer pricing legislation is challenging. Coupled with the launch of the substantially revised OECD 2010 transfer pricing guidelines and tax authorities ratcheting up their audit programs, keeping abreast of change and the associated risk of non-compliance, can be difficult.

That’s why we have launched the second issue of our Taxand Americas Guide to Transfer Pricing, an essential desktop ‘ready reference’ for corporate executives seeking to understand the transfer pricing rules applicable to the Americas.

Covering: – by country; – documentation requirements, applicable transfer pricing methods, related party definitions, penalties for non-compliance and thin capitalisation rules, this publication guides you through the key rules to inform your decision making. 

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Taxand's Take

  • consider transfer pricing obligations in countries where you are or intend to do business in  
  • identify where operations are expanding and contracting and use this change to get the pricing correct
  • consider the likely impact of the OECD 2010 transfer pricing guideline revisions.

Taxand's Take Author

Manuel Candal