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Taxand Americas Guide to Transfer Pricing 2011

Taxand Americas Guide to Transfer Pricing 2011
As the economic downturn puts pressure on existing transfer pricing models, companies are seeking to revise their corporate structures to achieve efficiencies.

With governments regularly amending legislation, the OECD guidelines widening by the year and tax authorities ratcheting up their audit programmes, keeping abreast of change and the associated risk of non-compliance, can be difficult. Nowhere has transfer pricing regulation complexity increased further in recent years than in the Americas.

So what better time to produce a book dedicated to helping you understand the transfer pricing rules applicable to the Americas? Designed as an essential desk top "ready reference" for corporate executives, Taxand's publication guides you through the key rules to inform your decision-making, covering an overview of the OECD guidelines and - by country - documentation requirements; applicable transfer pricing methods; related party definitions; penalties for non-compliance and thin capitalisation rules. 

Taxand's Take

Taxand recommends where you have or are considering operations in the Americas that you always bear in mind the transfer pricing implications of your corporate structure alongside the business issues you face. Efficiencies can be achieved and risk diverted if you apply the optimum transfer pricing policy.

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