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Year End Cometh

3 Nov 2010

Provision - as reporting deadlines draw near, the very word can be enough to cast doubt in the minds of the most seasoned tax professionals. There is a certain sense of uneasiness that can start to grow over the holiday period as tax departments around the world look forward to some late nights crunching the numbers into the New Year. If the year-end process at your company is hanging over your tax department like the fabled sword of Damocles then read on. Taxand UK provides 17 practical tips to help take some of the stress out of your year-end process.

Taxand's Take

Submitting year-end accounts during the seasonal period can be daunting. Advice such as preparing a control schedule for tax audits and tax provisions throughout the year can help ease the pressure for companies in December. Companies should also be aware of tax rate changes in each jurisdiction they have a presence in. However one of the most important things to remember and is at the top of the list is keeping a record of key contact details from each jurisdiction!

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