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Taxand's Take - Your regular update on the latest issues affecting multinationals

Taxand's Take - Your regular update on the latest issues affecting multinationals
10 May 2011

Welcome to a special issue of Taxand's Take, focusing on the Taxand Global Conference 2011. Here you will find all you need to know about the conference in Paris, including key content, themes, our first Taxand global survey results, films and photos. Accessible online this newsletter is sent to you every two months, providing you with your regular update on the topical tax issues affecting multinationals. And Taxand's Take will give you just that - informed opinion on the latest tax changes and how they affect you.

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Tax on the Board Agenda

Hosted by Taxand France, this year's Taxand Global Conference took place at the Intercontinental in Paris, from the 27th to the 29th April. Nearly 200 Taxand clients attended alongside over 280 Taxanders. The key message from clients and Taxanders alike this year was: tax needs to be firmly placed on the Board's agenda. As governments worldwide use tax rates and scrutiny to manage the impact of the global economic meltdown, tax implications must be considered when making any commercial decisions. Tax professionals need to be business advisors as well as tax advisors to help Boards deliver shareholder return at the same time as managing the impact of this change. Taxand will do our utmost to influence this shift in the year ahead. What's more we launched our first Taxand global survey.

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Your Delegate Pack


The conference delegate pack is now available on ready for downloading. As well as confirming the key pointers from the conference we have also provided the Taxand global survey results, a synopsis of the client panel and speaker details for your reference going forward. We very much hope these materials prove useful in your day to day activity.

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Taxand Global Survey 2011 Research Findings

Our first Taxand Global Survey uncovered some fascinating insights into the key tax issues facing multinationals worldwide. Together with an exclusive selection of our large multinational clients located across the Americas, Europe and Asia, we have examined some of the pressing tax challenges and issues affecting businesses today. We exclusively launched the results on Friday 29 April at 9.30am as part of our Taxand Global Conference 2011. Here you can read Taxand's Take on the key tax trends and issues we uncovered, our insight and analysis on the wider implications for multinationals and our key actions for you to help drive your performance.

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Taxand Global Conference 2011 Photos

Everyone loves a good photo and the Taxand Global Conference 2011 just wouldn't be complete without its very own album. Plenary Sessions, The Taxand Expo, dinner in the Eiffel Tower, our global conference evening event at Les Invalides, and of course a few drinks with our clients and Taxanders from around the world... Here you can view the week's events in all their glory.


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Key Media Commentary


Keep up to speed with the latest media commentary from our Taxand global conference including the latest insight and opinion on key global and regional tax issues discussed in our plenary sessions.


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