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A review of Greek tax reform


The Greek Parliament has enacted a number of tax laws aiming to reform the Greek tax system. Taxand Greece takes a look at the main tax measures introduced over the past year.

The pillars of the reform are reflected in Law 4172/2013 (the New Income Tax Code), Law 4174/2013 (the New Code of Tax Procedures) and Law 4093/2012 enacted at the end of 2012 for purposes of substituting the Code of Fiscal Books and Records by the new Code of Tax Depiction of Transactions.

At the end of year 2013, the Greek Parliament also ratified Law 4223/2013, for purposes of:

  • Amending certain provisions of the New Income Tax Code, the New Code of Tax Procedures and the Code of Tax Depiction of Transactions
  • Introducing the new property tax (ENFIA) and amending rules on real estate transfer tax

Law 4223/2013 explicitly abolishes the previously effective Income Tax Code (Law 2238/1994). The law also provides that all interpretative guidelines issued by the Greek Ministry of Finance in the form of Circular Decisions are no longer applicable. 

As a consequence, a number of tax issues that affect the daily operations of enterprises doing business in Greece are subject to further clarifications.

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Taxand's Take

With new economic and tax measures being implemented regularly Greece will be out of its deficit in a matter of years. The government will continue to look for ways in which to drive revenue therefore multinationals should expect further amendments to tax legislation in 2014. 

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