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Reverse charge VAT passed

4 Mar 2015

The amendment to the act on VAT shall enter into force on 1 July 2015 and provides for the introduction of a reverse charge to certain items. Taxand Poland provides an overview. 

The main aim of the amendment is to tighten the effectiveness of the tax system. The system is based on the process where the buyer issues an invoice without VAT and the seller is obliged to settle the due VAT on the transaction. Reverse charging of VAT will include: some forms of gold; secondary steel products; mobile phones, including smartphones; portable computers (tablets, netbooks, laptops, etc.) and video game consoles.

According to the new rules, the amount of the guarantee deposit at fuel delivery is also increased: the minimum to PLN 1 million (from PLN 200 thousand) and the maximum to PLN 10 million (from PLN 3 million). The rules of VAT application for bad debt relief have also been specified.

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