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Recent binding rulings

South Africa

Taxand South Africa presents an update on recent rulings.

SARS has recently released, inter alia, the following binding private rulings (BPR), binding class rulings (BCR) and binding general rulings (BGR):

  • BPR 217: Estate duty implications for non-resident individual investors
  • BPR 218: Qualifying distributions to be made by a REIT
  • BPR 219: Corporatisation of a collective investment scheme in property and an amalgamation followed by an asset-for-share transaction
  • BPR 220: Contribution by a mining company to a trust pursuant to a share incentive scheme
  • BPR 222: Foreign partnership – rebate in respect of foreign taxes on income
  • BPR 223: Headquarter companies – acquisitions of shares and loans
  • BPR 225: Hybrid debt instruments
  • BPR 227: Share subscription transaction followed by two share repurchase transactions
  • BCR 050: Tax consequences for unitholders in a REIT of an amalgamation transaction, followed by an asset-for-share transaction
  • BCR 051: Taxation of employees participating in a perpetuity employee share incentive scheme
  • BGR 11 (Issue 2): Use of an exchange rate
  • Draft BGR: Electronic services supplied via intermediaries

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