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Preliminary bills to overhaul a range of tax concepts


On 20 June 2014 the Cabinet of Ministers approved 4 preliminary bills proposing a root-and-branch reform of several Spanish taxes. Taxand Spain examines these bills, highlighting the likely impact each will have on the tax landscape.

The 4 preliminary bills are:

  • the Preliminary Bill amending Personal Income Tax Law 35/2006 of 28 November 2006, the revised Nonresident Income Tax Law approved by Legislative Royal Decree 5/2004 of 5 March 2004, and other tax provisions
  • the Preliminary Bill for the Corporate Income Tax Law
  • the Preliminary Bill amending Value Added Tax Law 37/1992 of 28 December 1992; Law 20/1991 of 7 June 1991 amending the tax aspects of the Canary Islands Economic and Tax Regime; Excise and Special Taxes Law 38/1992, of 28 December 1992; and Law 16/2013 of 29 October 29 2013 establishing certain measures concerning environmental taxation and adopting other tax and financial measures (preliminary bill amending VAT, the Canary Islands general indirect tax, and excise and special taxes)
  • the Preliminary Bill partially amending General Taxation Law 58/2003

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Also published in Thomson Reuters' Taxnet Pro, 07 July 2014 

Taxand's Take

Multinationals and national corporations should stay up to date on the progress of these reforms in order to remain knowledgable of the tax environment in Spain and adjust their procedures if relevant.

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