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Payments facility to Customs in pilot phase

21 Jan 2015

New guidelines have been issued concerning payments to Customs and are currently in a pilot phase. Taxand Greece provides an overview of the new revisions.

As part of the pilot guidelines, it has been mooted that the requirement for physical presence before the competent Customs office in order to conduct payments is repealed. Among the changes proposed by the new guidelines are:

  • A new service unit of the Customs Directorate of the Greek Ministry of Finance has been established to manage and supervise the new procedure of payments to Customs
  • Payments to Greek Customs by liable traders are no longer performed at the premises of the Customs office but through a bank and the relevant amounts are transferred to a special bank account of Greek Customs maintained with the Bank of Greece

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Taxand's Take

The new guidelines came into force on 31 December 2014. However, the implementation of the new procedure has not commenced yet because the relevant electronic system is still in its pilot phase.

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