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Non Habitual Residents Tax Regime


Individuals not habitually resident in Portugal can now benefit from a new tax regime. Taxand Portugal provides a brief outline of the new tax regime and exemptions for Non Habitual Residents.

To benefit from the NHR regime, employees generally should comply with the following requirements

  • The individual has not been taxed as a resident taxpayer in the five years prior to taking up tax residence in Portugal
  • The individual will be required to register with the Portuguese tax authorities as a NHR on the year it becomes as a resident taxpayer (or up to 31 March of the following year according to a Draft Law)
  • The NHR status will be valid for 10 consecutive years and the individual will be required to qualify - under the domestic rules - as a resident in Portugal for tax purposes in every year of the above referred 10-year period.

Taxand's Take

Taxpayers need to pay attention to the new regime to see if they are compliant and can therefore benefit from some of the key changes.

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Access the full outline of the NHR (PDF)

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