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New Tax Measures - Is your Business Affected?


The Belgian Government has introduced various new tax measures. These tax measures follow an earlier set of tax rules that were introduced at the end of December 2011. After long discussions, the Government and Parliament have now finally agreed on a second set of tax measures, enacted through the Programme Law of 29 March 2012, which was published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 6 April 2012 and through a preceding Royal Decree of 23 February 23 2012 which was published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 28 February 2012. Taxand Belgium discusses how most Belgian taxpayers are likely to be affected by the introduction of the new rules.

The new tax measures cover:

  • Benefits in kind for company cars
  • Benefits in kind for free housing, electricity and heating
  • Capital gains on shares realised by companies
  • Debt equity ratio
  • New anti-abuse rule

Taxand's Take

As in many other countries, the Belgian budget is under pressure and the Government is in desperate need of additional funding. As a result, one may expect that the Belgian Government will be obliged to take even further action.

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Taxand Belgium considers the impact of the new rules in detail (PDF)

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