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New General Resolutions Announced

On 20 December 2012, General Resolutions 3416 and 3417 were published in the Official Gazette with the purpose of introducing an "Electronic Audit" procedure and for the issuance of "Anticipated Affidavits of Outbound Payments", respectively.

Taxand Argentina explains what each of these General Resolutions will involve.

General Resolution No. 3416
This establishes an Electronic Audit procedure broadening the online interaction between the Argentine tax authorities and taxpayers. The Electronic Audit consists of a control procedure of the taxpayers' fiscal obligations. The procedure is initiated with a notification to the taxpayer, who will then have ten days to answer. In the event it is not possible to reach the taxpayer, General Resolution No. 3416 allows the tax authorities to suspend the taxpayers' Tax Identification Number.

General Resolution No. 3417
This creates an information regime regarding outbound payments made by Argentine residents. These transactions require the submitting of an Anticipated Affidavit of Outbound Payments through the Argentine tax authorities' website.

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Taxand's Take

These General Resolutions have different start dates and will cover separate periods of times, therefore multinationals should research when they apply. It is important to note that failure to comply with these General Resolutions may imply the application of fines, the taxpayer's qualification under an aggravated category of the Risk Profile System and exclusion from the Special Tax Registries.

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