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Luxembourg Continues to Sign Tax Treaties in Line with the OECD Recommendations in Terms of Exchange of Information


Luxembourg continues to sign new exchange of information protocols with its treaty partners, consistent with its status as an OECD white list country. Taxand Luxembourg sets out the countries with which it currently has treaties:

Currently, Luxembourg has 21 tax treaties in line with the current version of article 26 of the OECD Model Tax Convention:




1 Armenia (full DTT)
2 Austria
3 Bahrain (full DTT)
4 Belgium
5 Denmark
6 Finland
7 France
8 Denmark
9 Iceland
10 India (full DTT)
11 Liechtenstein (full DTT)
12 Mexico
13 Monaco (full DTT)
14 Netherlands
15 Norway
16 Qatar (full DTT)
17 Spain
18 Switzerland
19 Turkey
20 UK
21 USA

The procedure to determine in more precise terms the conditions for the exchange of information between two treaty countries is in the process of being defined. A draft law was presented to the Parliament in October 2009 and is expected to be adopted in the course of the first quarter of 2010.

Taxand's Take

The Luxembourg government will, from now on, conclude all Treaties in line with article 26.5 of the OECD MTC. Some countries are reluctant to conclude treaties which aren't fully in line with OECD expectations as they think it will have a negative impact on their image and reputation. This therefore creates an opportunity for Luxembourg to find new DTT partners. By demonstrating that Luxembourg is fully complying with the OECD requirements the transparency in these arrangements could lead to an expansion of the Luxembourg DTT network and opens up doors to attract new foreign investments in to Luxembourg.

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