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Legislative initiatives for the year to come


The Danish parliamentary year 2014-2015 started with the opening of the Danish Parliament on Tuesday 7 October 2014. Taxand Denmark highlights the relevant initiatives for businesses.

The Minister of Taxation has published his plan for bills to be introduced which contain a number of proposals, including:

  • Plans to allow for postponement of payment of tax on salaries used to reinvest in the employing company under the so-called “employee-investment- company”-regulations also to be introduced to Parliament in the coming parliamentary year.
  • Plans to introduce further reporting requirements for businesses in relation to VAT and in relation to financial products.
  • Plans to propose a bill for the implementation of the amendment of the Danish double tax treaty with India.
  • Plans to propose a bill for the implementation of the amendment of the Danish double tax treaty with Luxembourg, granting Denmark the right to tax pension payments at source.
  • Plans to abolish the limitations on VAT deductibility levied by hotels.
  • Plans to introduce further measures to target tax avoidance.
  • Plans to introduce various amendments of administrative procedures with the Danish Tax Authorities. A number of bills are the result of agreements made between the Danish government and various parties of the opposition and may thus be expected to be adopted by the Danish Parliament without significant amendments.

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It is expected that amendments to the bills proposed will be suggested and adopted during the negotiations for the finance Bill for the year 2015 which are planned to be finalised in the end of November 2014.

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