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Ireland Announces Budget 2013

With the calendar year drawing to a close, many people's minds are on fiscal matters. This week Ireland announced its 2013 Budget, making this the Minister's second budget announcement while in office. Taxand Ireland provides an overview of the main changes introduced the by the Budget 2013.

The Minister faced the difficult task of taking EUR3.5 billion from the Irish economy through a combination of tax raising measures (approx. EUR1.25 billion) and reductions in spending (approx. EUR2.25 billion). The scale of the changes announced was dictated by the Troika, but the government worked out the finer details.

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Taxand's Take

Although the adjustments made are the smallest since the recession began, this is cold comfort for taxpayers in Ireland who have received their 6th consecutive austerity budget and again face the introduction of new taxes. On a positive note, however, the government has indicated that these budgetary measures will account for 85% of the required adjustments and that the country is on track to wave goodbye to the Troika in 2013.

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