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Government Strategy for Tax Revenue 2012

13 Aug 2012

As in the previous years, the tax audit is one of the government's main strategies in achieving the projected tax revenue in 2012. Taxand Indonesia looks at the effort that the tax audit is likely to generate, and a summary of the actions that the audit has resulted in.

The tax audit effort is expected to generate:
a. A revenue contribution of IDR 13.3 trillion
b. Achieve the targeted refund discrepancy of 2% from the tax revenue target (the difference between the claimed refund in the annual income tax return and the approved refund based on the overpayment assessment notice).

The following tax returns will be prioritized for tax audit:
a. Annual income tax returns showing losses with no overpaid tax
b. Annual income tax returns showing related-party transactions.

In addition to the above mentioned tax audit targets, a special audit will also be conducted to certain taxpayers which are considered potential tax revenue sources, such as the following:
a. Individual taxpayers: tax consultants, lawyers, notaries public and certain individual taxpayers who are connected with corporate taxpayers that are being audited
b. Corporate taxpayers that conduct business in certain sectors such as:

  • oil palm
  • mining
  • mass media
  • chemical industry
  • processing industry
  • automotive
  • construction
  • wholesalers (including importers)
  • bank & insurance companies
  • consulting services

For further details on the 2012 tax audit, read your copy of Taxand Indonesia's August newsletter

Taxand's Take

The taxpayers who are the targets of tax audit should prepare their annual income tax returns along with all the necessary data that will be required in case of a tax audit.

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