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Going Social, Getting Engaged - Taxand Twitter

Going Social, Getting Engaged - Taxand Twitter
30 Apr 2012

@GlobalTaxAdvice #TaxandConf

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Just over a week to our Taxand Global Conference 2012. Access the full programme here: #TaxandConf

Taxand's global conf brings together our clients & tax advisors to discuss tax issues, share expertise & enhance relationships #TaxandConf

Our hosts-Taxand Spain-are finalising details with the hotel; our speakers are finalising's getting exciting! #TaxandConf

Our Taxand Global Conference 2012 will give multinationals key pointers to help you maximise value #TaxandConf

Our Taxand Next Generation Event is in 1 week! 40+ rising Taxander stars in one room. Here's the agenda #TaxandConf

Keynotes on the global economy & tax policy will share how to deal with changing tax systems worldwide #TaxandConf

You can also join our Taxand LinkedIn Group Share news & network with Taxanders worldwide #TaxandConf

Are you consolidating, acquiring or streamlining your business? Read more about our plenary sessions #TaxandConf

Value creation can be achieved through strategic tax optimisation. Find out more #TaxandConf

Our hosts - Taxand Spain - are doing a fantastic job. We can't wait to see everyone in Madrid #TaxandConf

Getting ready to travel to our global conference? Check out the weather here #TaxandConf

Right home to start packing. Tickets check Passport check Sunglasses check Taxand mints for the flight... check #TaxandConf

Finally on our way to Madrid for our Taxand Global Conference 2012. Very excited after months of planning - hope it's sunny! #TaxandConf

Plane landed safely and now in taxi to hotel. A short 20 minute ride and then we're there - we love Madrid! #TaxandConf

Eurofast: Taxand Cyprus is getting ready for the #taxandconf in Madrid, 2 days left only.

Arrived at the hotel, weather gorgeous, warm, great hotel and facilities. Can't wait to see the view from the top floor! #TaxandConf

Over 40+ Next Generation Taxanders in one room networking and learning valuable soft skills from each other #TaxandConf

Did you know 50% of the world's population is under 30 years old? They are the next generation #TaxandConf

95% of businesses use LinkedIn for recruitment. Can you be found on social media? #TaxandConf

Ashton Kutcher & Britney Spears have more twitter followers than the entire population of Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland & Norway #TaxandConf

What happens in Vegas stays on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube... Follow us and find out what happens @our global conference #TaxandConf

AlvarodelaCueva: Taxand Next Generation training now. 40+ soon-to-be-tax-partners together for an exciting day closed at the Bernabeu stadium #TaxandConf

96% of Millenials have joined a social network.... #TaxandConf

Is social media a fad or the biggest shift since the industrial revolution? #TaxandConf

pantu_tamez: @Rayvan77: Great explanation of how to use social media in our tax world, thanks to Lynne Sandland and @AlvarodelaCueva #TaxandConf

pantu_tamez: Taxand Next Generation School is a success so far!! The prize for the day (nice!) Is about to be awarded. #TaxandConf

Stay tuned for the Taxand awards to be announced tomorrow morning for brand, referrals, growth and the Taxanders' Choice award #TaxandConf

Taxand extends reach in Asia Pacific - we welcome Taxand Australia into the fold #TaxandConf

Taxand Launches in Africa we welcome to Taxand South Africa to our Taxand family #TaxandConf

Taxand was nominated for 28 ITR European Awards look forward to the results on 16 May in London. Go Taxand! #TaxandConf

Speaker rehearsals and reception went very well. On to main event tomorrow! #TaxandConf

Coming up - our Taxand Awards - who will be our winners? #TaxandConf

The stage is set, speakers ready, entertainment standing by... Let's get this show on the road! #TaxandConf

Henk_Hop: Speaker rehearsal and meetings yesterday at the Taxand Conference went very well. Main event will in a minute. Am excited. #TaxandConf

Very inspiring listening to our Chairman talk about how we can continue to realise our Taxand Vision #TaxandConf

Congratulations David Chaumontet, Taxand France, for winning the "1 client 1 partner challenge" with the most referrals in 2011 #TaxandConf

David you get to choose a holiday in one of our 9 Taxand Board locations around the world courtesy of our Taxand Board #TaxandConf

For the greatest value of work referred the Top Referrer Award goes to Ian Fleming, Taxand UK - Great job! #TaxandConf

Top Taxand brand award goes to Taxand Venezuela who are level 1 brand adopters with a Taxand branded car and office #TaxandConf

The award for Growth goes to Taxand Luxembourg who recruited 10 people to get headcount to above target - Well done! #TaxandConf

For the most outbound referrals in terms of value in 2011 the award goes to Taxand US - Excellent work! #TaxandConf

The Taxanders' Choice goes to France - Fantastic and very well deserved #TaxandConf

And now our conference commences... over 500 Clients & Taxanders at our Taxand Global Conference 2012! #TaxandConf

Our host, Ricardo Gomez, Taxand Spain welcomes Clients and Taxanders and shows a great film about Madrid #TaxandConf

RT eurofast: Taxand Spain welcomes Clients and Taxanders and shows a great film about Madrid #TaxandConf RT via @GlobalTaxAdvice

Taxand Spain Hosts the Taxand Global Conference 2012 #internationaltax

Multinationals Facing Tougher Challenges as Economic Instability Persists Worldwide

Gonzalezguedez: Global trends... Corporate Tax will continue decreasing #TaxandConf

Taxand predicts: MNCs face European central approach to tax collections & uniform tax compliance standards #TaxandConf

Henk_Hop: Presentation went great. Compared VAT optimization with a diet to lose weight. If input is higher than output, it's not good #TaxandConf

Substance criteria causing authorities to walk tightrope between attracting and repelling multinationals #Taxandconf

Substance Now at the Heart of Tax Planning Debate #internationaltax

Bespoke client meetings with Taxanders discussing specific tax issues - from luxury brands to's all going on #TaxandConf

Over 500+ clients & Taxanders enjoyed networking in one room at our Taxand Expo #TaxandConf

Henk_Hop: Having dinner at Madrid City Hall with 500+ Taxand clients and Taxanders. Vino tinto por favor. #TaxandConf

Taxand today discussed the issues for MNCs to consider when building tax structures #TaxandConf

Finding The Holy Grail of International Tax Structures #internationaltax

Gonzalezguedez: "The world will come to rely on indirect tax and wage taxes all remitted monthly to goverments" #TaxandConf

Clients and Taxanders are up early, keen to make the most of the day ahead #TaxandConf

Eurofast: Last day in Madrid at the #Taxandconf , we were happy to meet all Taxanders and discuss the latest #tax developments.

Great more time to discuss key tax issues with Taxanders in our country of operations #TaxandConf

MNCs across the globe seeking enhanced relationships with tax authorities #Taxandconf

Multinationals Now Looking for Enhanced Relationship With Tax Authorities #internationaltax

Uncovering Growth Opportunities in Emerging Markets #internationaltax

AlvarodelaCueva: #taxandconf has ended today. Great success of panelists and client meetings. Congrats to everyone

Henk_Hop: Taxand Conference 2012 in Madrid just ended. Was great success. Next year New York. YES!!! #TaxandConf

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