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Excise duties and payment deadlines


Along with other tax policy changes for the new year, come amendments to the excise duties and payment deadlines. Taxand Romania explains these for MNCs.

Excise duties 

  • The level of harmonised excise duties shall be updated annually with the consumer price index of the previous 12 months until 15 October
  • The places of economic operators which constitute and maintain emergency inventories exclusively are assimilated to tax warehouses for which an exemption from the obligation to constitute the guarantee is also introduced. 

Amendments regarding the extension of certain declaration and payment deadlines 

  • The tax  regarding the tax on additional income derived further to deregulation of prices in the natural gas industry shall apply for the additional income derived until 31 December 2015
  • The tax on natural monopoly in the regarding the establishment of certain special taxation measures for activities having natural monopoly characteristics within the electricity and natural gas sector shall apply until 31 December 2015. 

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Large and medium sized taxpayers operating imports and exports should understand these changes have immediate implementation.

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