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Electronic Submission of Tax Returns for Large and Medium taxpayers


The Romanian National Agency for Tax Administration approved, at the end of September 2010, Order no. 2520 concerning the electronic submission of tax returns by large and medium taxpayers. Taxand Romania details the newly introduced provisions below.

Starting with the tax reporting liabilities having the submission deadline 25 November 2010, large and medium taxpayers, including their secondary premises, have the obligation to file certain tax, electronically, via the National Electronic System. All other taxpayers have the option to electronically submit tax returns, as an alternative method of reporting.

Signing of the tax returns is made by using a qualified certificate issued by an authorised provider of certification services.

Taxand's Take

The electronic submission of certain tax returns may be considered an advantage for taxpayers, as it consistently reduces the administrative burden , especially for large and medium taxpayers. However, for the Romanian tax authorities, the electronic submission of tax returns also reduces the administrative expenses and increases the operability of the tax administration process.

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