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Collection and exchange of information by tax authorities

South Africa

Tax authorities across the globe are working aggressively and in co-operation with each other to collect taxes in their respective jurisdictions. Taxand South Africa discusses some of the developments relating to the gathering and exchange of information.

It should not come as a surprise that the South African Revenue Service (SARS) has entered into various bilateral and multilateral agreements with other states for the purpose of obtaining and exchanging information and the collection of taxes owed to SARS from assets situated in other states. These agreements include:

  • The USA FATCA agreement whereby the 2 states can exchange information automatically under the provisions of the double taxation agreement concluded between them
  • Multilateral mutual administrative assistance conventions are agreements between 2 or more states to enable them to exchange tax information on request automatically, as well as to provide assistance in the collection of taxes. States which have entered into the aforementioned convention include India, Netherlands, the UK and many others
  • Bilateral tax information exchange agreements between 2 states to enable them to exchange tax information upon request. South Africa has entered into these agreements with states including Bermuda, Guernsey and the Cayman Islands

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Taxand's Take

Multinationals should be mindful of the closing gap for secrecy provisions and regimes as tax authorities co-operate more and more with each to protect their respective tax bases and to assist each other in collecting taxes owing to them.

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