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Characterisation of the peloponnese as a saturated grid area

2 Sep 2012
On 1 August 2012 the Regulatory Authority for Energy issued its decision n. 699/2012, by virtue of which the capacity in the transmission grid in Peloponnese is exhausted.

Under the relevant decision, the safe capacity limit which is set at 1,900 MW has been exceeded by the binding connection terms for renewables (“RES”) projects already issued for projects which are installed/are to be installed in the Peloponnese area. In view of this, and from the publication of RAE decision onwards: 

  • Investors will not be entitled to submit applications for the issuance of generation licences for RES projects, unless such applications concern stations in locations where the grid is not saturated in accordance with the Regulation for Generation Licences. In all other cases, all applications submitted shall be rejected;
  • Investors will not be entitled to file applications to the distribution system operator for the issuance of connection terms for renewable plants which are exempt from the obligation to obtain a genera on licence; 
  • Pending applications for the issuance of connection terms are to be examined in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 (4) of the Regulation for Generation Licences.  In other words, binding connection terms are to be granted for such applications only if additional their connection does not take place within six months from the date of execution of the set off agreement.  margins of capacity absorption result;
  • The competent Authority will no  longer issue certifications confirming  acceptance of the increase of a  project’s capacity by 10% in  accordance with the provisions of  Law 3468/2010.

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