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Audits on transfer pricing may become more detailed


Taxand Poland explores the recent actions undertaken by the newly created Task Team for the Tax Audit of Related Entities and how this could affect audits in the future.

The Task Team for the Tax Audit of Related Entities was created by the Ministry of Finance to ensure the proper and effective cooperation between tax authorities during tax audits of related entities.

Actions performed by the Team in 2014 include:

  • Identifying areas for inspection including transactions used to profit shifting such as transactions involving services and intangible goods, restructuring activities, documenting the apparent provision of services, loans from related entities,
  • Organising of training workshops on the audit in the field of transfer pricing for representatives of the Tax Offices and the Tax Inspection Offices

The last action taken at the beginning of 2015 by the Task Team through the Ministry of Finance was the announcement of a public tender on the access to the database that contains data from financial reports of companies. The access to this database will allow authorities to effectively bet on entities to control and carry out comparative analysis needed to assess the arm`s length conditions of transactions and potential estimation of revenue that can be underbid as a result of transactions with related entities.

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Multinationals and nationals operating within Poland should be aware of the Task Team's actions and be prepared for any future changes.

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