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Action plan released by European Commission


On 17 June, the European Commission released its Action Plan: ‘A fairer Corporate Tax System in the European Union: 5 Key Areas for Action’. Taxand Luxembourg provides an overview of the actions.

The objectives of the Action Plan, as presented in the document published, are as follows:

  • Re-establish the link between taxation and where the economic activity takes place
  • Make sure the that EU Member States can correctly value corporate activity in their jurisdiction
  • Create a competitive and growth friendly corporate tax environment for the EU
  • Secure a strong EU approach to external corporate tax issues, including measures to implement BEPS, to deal with non-cooperative tax jurisdictions and to increase tax transparency

The 5 key areas for action are:

  • Re-launch of the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB)
  • Ensuring fair taxation where profits are generated
  • Additional measures for a better tax environment for business
  • Further progress on tax transparency
  • EU tools for coordination

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Taxand's Take

The action plan released by the Commission is ambitious in terms of content. While it can be expected that for some of the measures, EU Member States will probably manage to come to an agreement easily, for some others, like the offsetting of cross-border losses or the introduction of a mandatory CCCTB, negotiations will most probably be very difficult.

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