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2015 tax news updates


Recent tax topics include amendments to a range of tax regulations. Taxand Romania provides an overview of the changes.  

The Romanian government has made amendments amongst others, to the following regulations:

VAT refunds 

The procedure for settlement of VATrefund requests submitted by taxable persons which are not registered for VAT purposes in Romania, established outside the European Community, is also applicable to taxable persons not established within the European Union which apply the special regime for telecommunication, television and radio broadcasting or electronically supplied services. 

Tax forms 

Order no. 4018/2014 amends form 230 application regarding the destination of the amount representing up to 2% of the annual tax on salary income and salary assimilated income, as well as the instructions for filing the form 

Taxation of income from gambling activities 

The Emergency Ordinance no. 92/2014 amends and complements Emergency Ordinance no.77/2009 regarding the organisation and exploitation of gambling activities. New amendments are brought in regarding the moment and method for computation of authorisation taxes charged to the organisers of gambling activities. 

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