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2010 tax reform announced by Dutch Ministry of Finance


Every third Tuesday of September the Dutch parliament traditionally announces the budget of the Netherlands for the coming year. Due to the economic circumstances the Ministry of Finance has taken the opportunity to announce a wide range of (entrepreneur friendly) tax reforms for the 2010 budget. Taxand Netherlands discuss the most relevant amendments with respect to (international) corporate taxation.


Taxand's Take

The State Secretary of Finance announced a wide range of measures which are designed to make the Netherlands a more "entrepreneurial friendly" environment. Furthermore, he announced measures which should lighten the administrative burden of companies and individuals. Please note that this reform is a proposal and that it still has to be approved by Dutch parliament. The introduction of the group interest box, the possible changes to the rules with regard to the denial of interest deductions and hybrid financing are not part of this reform. It is expected that the proposal to amend Dutch tax law in this regard will be published in the fall.

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