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10 things you didn't know about... the Taxand Global Conference 2011 in Paris

10 things you didn't know about... the Taxand Global Conference 2011 in Paris
2 May 2011
  1. 194 multinational clients attended the Taxand Global Conference 2011 including Cobra Group, Iberdrola, LaSalle Investment Management, Morgan Stanley, TomTom and TNS to name only a few...
  2. Our clients were joined by 285 Taxanders from around the world
  3. A select group of journalists also joined us at the conference - with coverage so far in the Financial Times, ITR, Malaysian Law, GT news, interest from India and more...
  4. We held over 50 bespoke client meetings throughout the conference and...
  5. ...over 25 Taxand networking internal meetings, the Taxand Board, Global Executive Committee and Taxanders from around the world met to discuss everything from Taxand's Vision, our Annual Review results, service lines and training programmes, marketing, knowledge and more
  6. At our Taxand Expo Taxand Netherlands donned Taxand branded outfits and cycled up Mount Vetoux to raise money for the relief efforts in Japan. A whopping EUR10,000 euros was raised!
  7. We exclusively launched our Taxand Global Survey results which uncovered some fascinating insights into the key tax issues facing multinationals worldwide. Review the highlights and pointers here and request a copy of the survey here
  8. We held our second Taxand Next Generation event. 40 next generation Taxanders networked, learnt key skills from our Taxand trainers and ended the day dining on the first floor of Le Tour Eiffel.
  9. For the first time we tweeted our global with our finger on the pulse find out the gossip on Twitter #TaxandConf on @GlobalTaxAdvice
  10. We also filmed the Taxand Global Conference for the first time and received feedback from a selection of Taxand clients - watch the Taxand Global Conference client testimonial film here

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