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Why anti-inversion is anti-American

18 Dec 2014

First published in BNA Bloomberg Tax Planning International, December 2014

Arguably, limiting US multinational corporations (MNCs) from inverting may be a necessity, but if companies are expected to remain competitive and incentivised, the government must consider lowering the federal corporate tax rate.

The recent anti-inversion regulations present an additional obstacle to MNCs achieving competitive tax rates with overseas peers. These barriers could deter entrepreneurs from setting up a business in the US, as, although the tax rules are easy to navigate during startup, such entrepreneurs face complex tax implications once the business becomes profitable.

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This article originally appeared in the mid-November, 2014 issue of The Bottom Line

Taxand's Take

With the attacks on US MNCs for inversions and from BEPS, getting support for a corporate tax rate reduction in the US may be the only option for gainful domestic employment.

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