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Taxand Voted Top Tax Planning Advisors in 30 Countries

Taxand Voted Top Tax Planning Advisors in 30 Countries

Readers of International Tax Review, which include tax executives from multinational companies, tax officials, and other advisors, have voted Taxand as their top tax planning firm in 80% of the Taxand countries covered in this year's survey.

{C}Download a copy of the tax planning survey here

Of the 38 Taxand jurisdictions polled, 30 were included in the top two tiers of the results and this year saw the number of Taxand countries in Tier 1 of the survey increase from 9 to 14. Taxanders in Indonesia, France, Luxembourg, Canada and Ireland, join those in Venezuela, Peru, India, Malaysia, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Russia and Spain - all of whom retain their status from 2009 - in Tier 1 of the results.

The poll, which sets out to find the world's leading tax planning practices, this year has greater significance than ever before, as multinationals seek trustworthy advice in order to operate efficiently in a landscape of increased government scrutiny and enforced transparency.

Frederic Donnedieu de Vabres, Chairman of Taxand commented: "This year, in the face of a tough economic environment for clients, Taxand has continued to build on its reputation as a world-class tax advisory organisation and the one true, global alternative to the Big 4. Our increased recognition in this year's poll signifies marked progress in our united ambition to be multinationals' first choice for quality, integrated, tax advice, worldwide.

The push by G20 leaders and the increased reach and authority of the OECD over the past two years, has limited 'aggressive' tax planning and the tax advice industry must be quick to change and adapt. Those advisors that fail or are too slow to change and deal with this increased global complexity leave their clients potentially exposed. Taxand is fully equipped to deal with change and we are delighted to see this poll recognising our capability, globally."

Taxand countries ranked for tax planning excellence

Canada, Gowlings Taxand
Cyprus, Eurofast Taxand
France, Arsene Taxand
Greece, Zepos & Yannopoulos
India, BMR Advisors
Indonesia, PB Taxand
Ireland, William Fry Tax Advisors
Luxembourg, Atoz
Malaysia, Taxand Malaysia
Peru, Miranda & Amado Abogados
Portugal, Garrigues
Russia, Pepeliaev Group
Spain, Garrigues
Venezuela, Candal Taxand

Argentina, Bruchou, Fern?ndez Madero & Lombardi
China, Hendersen Taxand
Columbia, G?mez-Pinz?n Zuleta
Denmark, Bech-Bruun
Germany, Luther
Netherlands, VMW Taxand
Japan, Kojima Law Offices
Korea, Sojong Partners
Malta, Avanzia Taxand
Mexico, Mijares Mijares, Angoitia, Cort?s y Fuentes
Poland, Accreo Taxand
Singapore, KhattarWong
Sweden, Skeppsbron Skatt
Switzerland, Tax Partner
Turkey, Erdikler Taxand
UK, Alvarez & Marsal Taxand

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