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Taxand Launches in Africa

Taxand Launches in Africa

Taxand, the world's largest global organisation of tax advisors to multinational businesses, today welcomes ENS as Taxand South Africa.

Taxand South Africa, ENS, is the 50th Taxand location worldwide and the organisation's first in Africa.

As a regional hub for a large number of multinational clients operating across the continent, South Africa is a key jurisdiction for Taxand. Moreover because the South African market has been less affected by the international economic crisis than many other countries, it is experiencing a growth in corporate inward investment. Additionally the introduction of new tax policies and draft tax proposals designed to stimulate the manufacturing industry, means that the need for local tax expertise, as well as cross-border advice, is high.

ENS was established over 100 years ago and is the largest law firm in Africa now employing over 450 legal, forensic, IP and tax practitioners, including 16 tax partners and 42 tax professionals. With offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Stellenbosch, ENS, has advisors in each key region as well as substantial international tax capability and transfer pricing expertise.

Fr?d?ric Donnedieu de Vabres, Chairman of Taxand, said:

"We are very pleased to welcome Taxand South Africa, ENS to Taxand. Many Taxanders have worked with our new Taxander colleagues in previous lives and we are very much looking forward to working with them again. Taxand South Africa, ENS, has a top quality reputation on the market and we are delighted to have them on board. We know our expanding global client base will benefit hugely from their expertise".

Bernard Du Plessis, Partner, Taxand South Africa ENS, said:

"Joining Taxand is a great achievement and will allow us to expand our tax practice and in particular our experience in advising in Africa, to a global market. We are committed to working with Taxanders in Europe, Asia and the Americas on cross-border tax issues, for both current and future clients."

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Taxand South Africa is ENS. ENS is Africa's largest law firm, with over 450 practitioners including 16 tax Partners, and 42 tax specialists. ENS' understanding of South Africa's ever-changing and complex tax environment means the firm is able to offer innovative and appropriate assistance that is critical to the success of its clients businesses. By understanding the regular changes to legislation ENS is able to offer an integrated service wherein clients receive the best possible tax and legal advice from a full-service law firm. We are not burdened by conflict of interest issues and our clients enjoy the benefits of legal privilege.

ENS offers a full range of tax services. Our experience in a broad range of sectors and the ability to deliver proactive and timely advice in a multitude of tax areas, including litigation and mediation, employee, indirect, international, and personal tax, means clients truly benefit from the firm's extensive expertise. The tax department's exceptional ability and deal-structuring experience in comprehensive cross-border tax transactions, ensures seamless solutions in various sectors including banking and finance, capital markets, private clients, real estate and VAT.

ENS was established over 100 years ago and currently operates out of its Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Stellenbosch offices in South Africa making it one of the oldest and most experienced full service law firms on the continent. The firm benchmarks itself according to international standards whilst retaining a uniquely African focus, making it well-equipped to advise clients wherever they may choose to do business.

For further information please contact:
Abigail Tarren, COO
T. +44 (0)207715 5243

South Africa
Bernard Du Plessis
T. +27 11 269 7891

Peter Dachs
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