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Taxand appoints new global indirect tax leader

Taxand appoints new global indirect tax leader
26 Aug 2014

Taxand is pleased to announce the appointment of Alain Recoules as the new leader of Taxand’s global indirect tax service line. Alain is based in Taxand France where he is a partner of Arsene Taxand and an expert in VAT and international trade regulations.

After obtaining a DESS (post-graduate degree) in company tax management, Alain joined Arthur Andersen International in 1989. He worked for several years in the financial services practice, and in 1998 he became the partner in charge of the VAT/customs practice that he created at Andersen Legal. In 2002, he joined Landwell where he was joint head of VAT/customs practice and also helped to develop the firm’s financial services practice.

Alain has extensive experience advising companies in a range of sectors including retail and leisure, computer services and banking and fund management. He is also a member of the French-American Chamber and director of the Institute for Fiscal Policy.

 Frederic Donnedieu, Chairman of Taxand, said:

“We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Alain as leader of our global indirect tax service line. Indirect tax is a complicated area of tax due to fluctuating VAT rates and the introduction of GST pilots which have been used all over the world to help plug national budget deficits. Keeping up to date with legislative change to guarantee compliance is of fundamental importance to our clients. Alain has a proven track record and his and the team’s experience and knowledge in this field is second to none.”

Taxand’s global indirect tax team provides multinationals with an integrated service combining tax, legal and financial expertise to minimise the impact of changing rates of VAT and GST on businesses. Ensuring efficient indirect tax structures helps to prevent leakage and avert the damage that can be caused by non-compliance, both of which are vital for sustainable businesses.

Indirect tax is one of Taxand’s nine global service lines. Others include international tax, compensation tax, energy tax, tax disputes resolution, TP & business restructuring, M&A tax, real estate tax and individual tax.

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