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Tax: an item on Boardroom agendas

Tax: an item on Boardroom agendas
18 Jun 2014

First published in Accounting and Business Magazine, June 2014

According to the 2014 global survey from global tax advisor Taxand, 70% of CFOs say tax is an item on boardroom agendas.

Unsurprisingly, this heightened focus on tax is driven by its growing complexity, both domestic and international.

Public scrutiny aligns tax risk with reputational risk, and public ‘tax-shaming’ is not going to affect just the likes of Google, Starbucks and Amazon. In fact, 76% of CFOs surveyed by Taxand believe such exposure and scrutiny could damage any company’s reputation. Moreover, 31% admit the media spotlight has made them change their own approach to tax planning.

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Taxand's Take

With reputations and profitability at stake, tax has been elevated to a board-level issue, and finance chiefs need to look at building a stronger partnership with the tax function.

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