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Shanghai welcomes world's top tax advisors for Taxand's Global Conference 2014

Shanghai welcomes world's top tax advisors for Taxand's Global Conference 2014
7 May 2014

Hendersen Taxand – Taxand China, is set to host the annual Taxand Global Conference in Shanghai on 14-16 May. Taxand, the world's largest global organisation of tax advisors to multinational businesses, will bring together advisors and clients from across Asia, Europe and the Americas  to discuss the most topical tax issues affecting multinational CFOs and tax directors, with a focus on providing a “2020 Perspective”.

Over two days, each plenary session and breakout will provide a look ahead to help multinationals plan for the future. With economies worldwide venturing into recovery mode, commercial strategies truly going digital across industry sectors and the impact of huge cross border initiatives such as BEPs, the 2020 tax world will be poles apart from today. 
Taxanders from around the world will be joined onstage by key business leaders, guest speakers and clients including Andy Xie, the renowned Chinese economist  who will provide his take on the global economy in 2020.

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Taxand's Take

"Over the last year, corporate taxes continue to be thrust into the limelight by governments and the media alike. Multinationals have also faced inconsistency between global prose and national policy, forcing them into an opaque world of truly rapid change, which has made business planning a key corporate challenge.  

As part of Taxand’s commitment to deliver quality, integrated tax advice, responsively, the upcoming conference combines a futuristic view with an East plus West fusion dimension and specific actions to take away from all of our sessions. The customary blend of bespoke client meetings and networking opportunities will also provide a robust platform to share expertise particular to delegates’ business needs, with some of our 400 partners and over 2,000 advisors from nearly 50 countries. 

Hendersen Taxand – Taxand China hosting this event in Shanghai, means the conference will be further boosted by fascinating cultural influences from the world’s second largest economy.

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