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New Italy Tax Evader Tack: Scare Them

27 Nov 2012

First published in the Wall Street Journal, 20 November 2012

The Italian government has created a web application which allows people to gauge whether their declared income is in line with their actual yearly spend.

The multiple-choice "redditest," or "income-test," as it is called, asks individuals to input their salaries and then specify whether they own a scooter, helicopter or boat, live in a villa or studio and spend money on antiques or electrical appliances, among many other queries. It concludes with a green light if the information adds up with their income and a red light if it doesn't, allowing taxpayers to rectify any shortcoming.

The redditest "is a way for the tax agency to say: watch it, we're watching you. And it helps taxpayers ask themselves questions and properly calculate their declared expenses," said Guido Arie Petraroli, Taxand Italy.

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