Energy tax

Energy tax

Energy is critical to our survival. Balancing supply and demand, sustainability, security risk, cost and the need to act responsibly while managing a tax efficient operation is challenging. Tax, legal and regulatory rules are increasingly complex and constantly changing. Taxand's global team of energy tax experts provide responsive, proactive cross-border tax advice to drive efficiency for your business.

Plan strategically, optimise your energy structures

Maintaining alignment between technology, business, policy and viability of alternative resources means the tax complexities associated with energy have become even more complex. Inadequate approaches to managing your tax burden can increase operating costs. With the energy industry being scrutinised by governments to meet climate change targets and by consumers tired of high charges and environmental disasters, managing reputation is essential to minimising financial loss. Our Taxand advisors will help you plan strategically and apply deep industry insight to establish efficient energy structures.

Deep industry knowledge drives efficiencies

Companies in the energy sector face unique operational challenges from exploration and production to transportation / distribution to refining and ultimate sale to the consumer. Understanding your business requires specific industry sector expertise from advisors who know how to optimise the tax implications of the way you work. Our highly experienced team of experts provide a well-informed approach to drive the efficiency of your business, leveraging deep technical knowledge to address your specific energy issues.


We deliver a range of energy tax services with a global focus:

  • International tax structuring
  • Indirect tax advisory including customs & excise, VAT and environmental taxes
  • Transfer pricing
  • Transaction tax
  • Supply chain
  • Compliance
  • Due diligence
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Across all types of the energy sector

Taxand's worldwide energy tax team of seasoned professionals brings the benefit of extensive knowledge across nearly 50 countries.

Partner-led from start to finish our team will work with you in close cooperation with colleagues in other areas of taxation, as well as legal advisors, to maximise your tax advantage.

Drawing on our deep industry knowledge, our tightly knit organisation provides considered tax advisory services to a wide range of energy clients including listed and non-listed companies.

Discover how Taxand can deliver your energy tax advantage.

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