Spyros P. Maratos

Spyros P. Maratos

Spyros Maratos is based in Taxand Greece where he is a tax attorney and partner with Zepos & Yannopoulos. He was admitted to the Athens Bar in 1975, joined our firm in 2000 and he is the head of our tax litigation and dispute resolution team.

Spyros specialises in taxation, import duties and customs rules, regulations and legislation, as well as in EU law matters. He has extensive experience in litigation and alternative dispute resolution (out-of-court and judicial settlements). He has pleaded for numerous of cases on such matters before the Supreme Administrative Court (Council of State), the Administrative Courts of First Instance and of Second Instance (Courts of Appeals), and has also pleaded before the Court of Justice of the EU in Luxembourg and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg. He has also advised domestic and multinational corporations on direct and indirect tax matters and on administrative (tax, customs) and court procedure and handled negotiations with tax and customs authorities on out-of-court and judicial settlement.

Spyros Maratos was legal and tax counsel for "Esso Pappas", Exxon's subsidiary in Greece (1977-1984) and for its successor "EKO ABEE" (1984-2006), being section head of this company’s Legal Dept.

Spyros is admitted to plead before the Greek Supreme Courts (Areios Pagos and Council of State) since 1981 and works in Greek, English and French.

University of Athens, Faculty of Law (LL.B. 1973)
College of Europe, Bruges – Belgium (Diploma in European Economic Community Law 1976)

Greek, English and French