Sergey Pepeliaev

Sergey Pepeliaev is based in Taxand Russia where he is a managing partner with Pepeliaev Group.

Sergey has over 20 years of hands-on experience of considering corporate and personal taxation issues and resolving challenging situations involving investments and court proceedings.

As a practitioner, he defended the rights and interests of companies before the state arbitration courts, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation in large-scale and significant court disputes regarding the legality of the additional assessment of taxes and fines, the abolition of regulations of the Russian Government, ministries and state authorities running counter to law, and the annulment of unconstitutional provisions of laws. He also advised on taxation of investments and day-to-day activities, organised and managed large-scale projects relating to the creation of enterprises and fund-raising for business, etc.

As an expert, Sergey has been invited on numerous occasions to the Russian Constitutional Court to express his views on cases.  He participates in conferences at the Russian Supreme Arbitration Court concerning taxation, finance and arbitration procedures. Sergey is an expert of the State Duma Committee for the Budget and Taxes, a member of the Expert Panel of the Committee for Legal and Judicial Matters of the Federation Council and co-chairman of the Expert Council on Taxes at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Sergey has been invited on numerous occasions by the State Duma, Administration of the Russian President, Russian Ministry of Finance and other state authorities to take part in the  drafting of legislation, in particular, the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, the Law on the Olympic Games and the Law on Transfer Pricing.